OT: Linux Distrobutions?

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Mon Nov 3 23:11:50 GMT 2003

> I see from the downloads page that there are specific 
> downloads for SuSE
> and Debian (as well as RH obviously).
> I see SpamAssassin has a Debian version (and a Gentoo one).
> I'm not after the latest versions of software.  What I really liked
> about RH 8 was the Up2Date utility that I ran via a weekly cron job to
> automatically applied security patches for me (I didn't pay 
> for the full
> maintenance but was considering it seriously).  The Fedora 
> project ain't
> gonna give me this, it seems certain.

apt, which does exactly the same job as up2date, is already working with Fedora.
You just need to update your sources.list.


> I have 2 servers, one of which I was planning to migrate my 
> customers to
> very shortly (have spent hours configuring the darned thing; it's
> running RH 8) so I have the opportunity before it goes live 
> to bite the
> bullet and change distros.
> I'm running a web management front end called 42go that supports SuSE,
> Debian and Mandrake as well as RH, so this seems to be the choice.
> Julian's recommendation of SuSE obviously cuts a lot of ice.  
> However, I
> have had Debian recommended for its ease of updating and Bob Jones's
> comments on this list reinforce this.
> So, which distro offers automatic updating, a la Up2Date?  

Debian does, but, in the end, Fedora might do the trick.

> don't mind
> paying for it, but I'd prefer it to be a one-off charge, 
> unlike RH, who
> are offering me this:
> Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES Basic Edition*   $174.50/year for 1 system

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