OT: Linux Distrobutions?

Marco Obaid marco at MUW.EDU
Mon Nov 3 20:12:38 GMT 2003


> Now, for a server that was going to run "production" services I would
> stick with stable, or if you need something a bit newer but still
> rock-solid, I've never had any problem with testing.

My experience with Debian is as follows:

 * Very very long installation process
   (lots of screen to read and decisions to make, some are not obvious)
 * Only ext2 file-system support (no JFS or EXT3 support from what I saw)
 * Old versions of packages

Please note that I am not bashing Debian, I love Linux. I am looking at it
from management point-of-view. Is it a good replacement to my productions
servers currently running newer versions of packages than what Debian has to
offer? ... Probably not !!!

I have been using FreeBSD in parallel to Redhat, and it seems to seems to be
the best candidate so far.

Just my experience and not to flame anything

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