workaround for "file size limit exceeded" messa ges?

Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Mon Nov 3 19:32:53 GMT 2003

What about uncommenting all of the ExtraScanOptions in clamav-wrapper?

# Uncomment next line if you need to disable Clam's DoS protection
ExtraScanOptions="--max-files=0 --max-space=0 --max-recursion=0

I know these options work with ClamAV 0.60, but I'm not sure about earlier
versions.  Also, I cannot say for sure if it would fix the problem you're
seeing as I have not seen any Mimail.C viruses yet.


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> Subject: [MAILSCANNER] workaround for "file size limit
> exceeded" messages?
> Is there a workaround for "file size limit exceeded" message
> issue that I'm
> seeing in maillog whenever ClamAV detects either
> Worm.Mimail.C or Worm.Bics?
> It appears that ClamAV is correctly identifying the virus but
> that extra
> status message is causing MailScanner to get confused and (I
> think) letting
> the virus through. I just signed up to the ClamAV mailing
> list, and at least
> one person is suggesting that this is a MailScanner issue.
> Any workarounds or fixes?
> Thanks,
> Chris
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