Performance Monitoring Possible request?

Kearney, Rob RKearney at AZERTY.COM
Mon Nov 3 17:39:42 GMT 2003

Is there any way to monitor the performance of the MailScanner children.
I'm looking for stats like seconds to process batch/average seconds per mail
message/average mail size (what also would be nice, is the time each
module/piece spent doing its job, Content/Virus/SpamAssassin...).  It also
would be nice to call a custom module to insert this data into an SQL
database for graphing and reporting, however logging to syslog would be
sufficient also.

Some of the reasons for this::  I've been seeing quite the disruption in
services from DCC/Pyzor/Razor over the past several weeks, and I would like
to be proactive in disabling the services that are causing problems.


Robert E. Kearney Jr.
IT Operations Manager
Azerty, a Division of United Stationers Supply Co.
p: (716) 662-0200 x2117
f: (716) 667-2409
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