sendmail message splitting defeats bandwidth savings?

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Mon Nov 3 15:13:52 GMT 2003


> Hopefully I'm just incorrect in my current understanding of what happens
> when a message is split by sendmail (please correct me if so), but this is
> how I think things change when queue groups are used:
> Without queue group message splitting:
> 1. One message comes in meant for many recipients at the same domain.
> 2. Sendmail writes one queue file pair.
> 3. MailScanner scans and re-queues that message.
> 4. Sendmail delivers the message, sending it ONLY ONCE over the wire to the
> next MX.

Step 4 is unclear to me, if people have custom rules, and the one user
doenst want spam tagging and one user does, how will that be combined into
one message? In my eyes, you cant.

> 3. MailScanner scans and re-queues all of the (now many) messages.
> 4. Sendmail delivers the messages, one copy per recipient, resulting in the
> original message being sent MANY TIMES over the wire to the next MX.

Even if MS will do this trick i think mailvolume increase is the only way
to accomplish this approach.

> To be fair, I realize this is probably not a big concern for most sites, but
> for a site with mail delivery to remote mail box servers over many expensive
> WAN links, this can be a significant problem.


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