Implementing per domain scanning

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Nov 2 16:27:48 GMT 2003

At 16:07 02/11/2003, you wrote:
>I need to implement per-domain rules for both virus and spam checks. Can
>both "Virus Scanning =" and "Spam Checks =" point to the same ruleset?


>Virus Scanning = %rulesdir%/per.domain.rules
>Spam Checks = %rulesdir%/per.domain.rules
>FromOrTo:   *   no
>FromOrTo:   *   no
>FromOrTo:   default         yes
>This would turn off virus and spam checks for domain1 and domain2 and allow
>checks for all other domains.
>Would this be the most efficient method?

Should work just fine.
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