SpamAssassin Could not be found

Pete russell pete at EATATHOME.COM.AU
Sun Nov 2 11:41:19 GMT 2003

Thank you kindly - this was the perfect solution.

I uninstalled the rpms

Followed Julian's SA install guide and worked perfectly on start up.

Thanks again

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On Sun, 2003-11-02 at 04:39, Pete russell wrote:

>Yea 2.44 from the installation that installs when you install red hat -
>how do I undo this and get it working again? Or fix 2.60?

>Have tried rpm -e and then re install old one, but it doesn't work

Remove spamassassin, then reinstall from the tarball. The rpms are known
to cause problems for some folks (but not everyone).  I don't think
bayes had been introduced at 2.44(?) but if it had you may need to
convert your bayes databases for them to work.

Theres a guide to installing from the tarball here...

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