autoupdate confusion?

Jim Flowers jflowers at EZO.NET
Sat Nov 1 18:50:36 GMT 2003

OK, now I get it.  Thanks to you both.

I installed MailScanner-4.22-5 from the FreeBSD port. Everything worked
fine with a minimum of tweaking.  As I was already using ClamAV, I just let
freshclam keep doing it's thing.

As new versions came along I downloaded 4.23-11 and 4.24.5 but did not
install them or upgrade as this is a production machine.  Just used them
for study.

Then I learned about update_virus_scanners on this list, did a 'locate' and
found one for each version's work directory but none installed (Makefile
doesn't install it).

Chose the wrong one to try and didn't realize it.  Sorry for the chatter.

What a great list this is to respond so rapidly and completely.  Much like
the early days of FreeBSD.

Thanks again.

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