{Scanned} Re: MailScanner memory spikes

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Sat Nov 1 14:54:44 GMT 2003

> FYI I have been having the same problems here. After about 10 
> to 13 hours I
> get a dead box. The memory is maxed out. I did the upgrades 
> and still it's
> the same. I have 1Gb of RAM but that does help. I have also 
> stop the mail
> (blocked
> port 25) and that didn't help. Something just runs the memory 
> out. So I know
> Redhat 9 doesn't play nice. Does anyone know if debian works with
> MailScanner?

Yes, MailScanner works on debian.  However, to run the latest version, you must use 'testing' or 'unstable'


> Thanks, David

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