Mailscanner RPM conflicts with postfix!

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Sat May 31 23:12:27 IST 2003

Julian said last week that the rpm conflict between postfix and mailscanner was
an uh-oh on his part.  I was/am attempting to get MailScanner to play well on a
SuSE OpenExchange machine.  SLOX comes with SpamAssassin 2.33 installed by
default, but I really like the flexibilty MS provides.  The problem I was having
was with the initscript and the chroot jail for postfix.


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> Subject: Mailscanner RPM conflicts with postfix!
> I installed Mailscanner 4-20-3 from rpm`s on a suse 8.1 machine.
> At install time I had to use nodeps to install with postfix. 
> I am now trying to update the suse install, but the postfix 
> updated rpm says it conflicts with Mailscanner!
> Knowing that mailscanner works with postfix is there any way 
> I can get rid of the conflict??
> Rob Keeling
> Network Manager
> Queen Elizabeth`s Grammar School

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