redhat 9 n00b problem

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Sat May 31 21:36:38 IST 2003

At 21:15 31/05/2003, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>      This is my first posting to a mailing list, so please excuse any
> errs I make...
>I have stock RH9, MailScanner-4.20-3, and SpamAssassin-2.55,
>postfix-1.1.11-11.  This box will be a relay for an internal M$Exchange box.
>When I installed RH9, I installed postfix and spamassassin.  RH9
>apparently sets up postfix chrooted, so I followed the MailScanner
>document for setting up MS with postfix, using the MailScanner rpm
>file.  All seemed to go fine.  I changed some postfix stuff to get
>relaying going, and that works fine.   I'm not getting any odd messages in
>/var/log/maillog (I think...).

Check that when you changed the postfix setup, you did a
         service MailScanner restart
on not "service postfix restart".

>Anyway, I have two main issues:
>1.- MS seems to be scanning, but is not marking up the subject header: I'm
>currently testing it by "sending mail" via telnet.  I have my
>Mailscanner.conf file set to yes for "Spam Modify Subject" nad {Spam?}for
>the text.
>Here's the full transaction from /var/log/maillog:
>May 31 14:35:53 mail1 postfix/smtpd[11554]: connect from
>May 31 14:36:43 mail1 postfix/smtpd[11554]: 0891D4BB4E:
>May 31 14:36:43 mail1 postfix/cleanup[11555]: 0891D4BB4E:
>message-id=<20030531193643.0891D4BB4E at>
>May 31 14:36:43 mail1 postfix/nqmgr[9716]: 0891D4BB4E:
>from=<not_a_user at not_a_machine_fake_domain.dom>, size=686, nrcpt=1 (queue
>May 31 14:36:43 mail1 postfix/nqmgr[9716]: 0891D4BB4E:
>to=<gsmithe at>, relay=none, delay=0, status=deferred (deferred
>May 31 14:36:43 mail1 MailScanner[9804]: New Batch: Scanning 1 messages,
>877 bytes
>May 31 14:36:43 mail1 MailScanner[9804]: Spam Checks: Starting
>May 31 14:36:49 mail1 MailScanner[9804]: Message 0891D4BB4E from
>[] (not_a_user at not_a_machine_fake_domain.dom) to
> is spam, SpamAssassin (score=8.3, required 5,
>May 31 14:36:49 mail1 MailScanner[9804]: Spam Checks: Found 1 spam messages
>May 31 14:36:49 mail1 MailScanner[9804]: Spam Actions: message 0891D4BB4E
>actions are deliver
>May 31 14:36:49 mail1 MailScanner[9804]: Virus and Content Scanning: Starting
>May 31 14:36:49 mail1 MailScanner[9804]: Filename Checks: Allowing
>May 31 14:36:49 mail1 postfix/nqmgr[9786]: 9D3BEAF5B2:
>from=<not_a_user at not_a_machine_fake_domain.dom>, size=1028, nrcpt=1 (queue
>May 31 14:36:49 mail1 MailScanner[9804]: Uninfected: Delivered 1 messages
>May 31 14:36:49 mail1 postfix/smtp[11563]: 9D3BEAF5B2:
>to=<gsmithe at>, relay=[], delay=6,
>status=sent (250 2.6.0  <20030531193643.0891D4BB4E at>
>Queued mail for delivery)
>When I get the mail, however, the subject line is intact, exactly as I
>sent it (i.e. no "{Spam?}" text)

We cannot tell what is wrong without the relevant section of the
MailScanner.conf file. You have a mistake there somewhere, it works for
everyone else.

>  2 - anything that is truly spam we don't want to go to users (i.e.
> delete), but we'd like a copy to go to a designated account (i.e.
> forward) so we can review to make sure it IS spam.  If I specify forward
> AND delete for spam actions (or high scoring spam actions) , maillog
> states the only action as forward, and hence the user gets the message
> too.  Is it possible to perform the actions I'm asking it?

Are you sure the user really gets the message? Could it just be missing
from the log?


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