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>This is probably a stupid question but after looking at the README and
>EXAMPLES I am still unclear about how to use this with the spam list.
>Can anyone offer some examples of what might be in a rules file for spam
>lists? I have seen some pretty blatent mail come through with scores in the
>sub 2 range and was wondering if the spam lists are not getting called in all
>occasions. Curretnly my stupid spam.list.rules looks like this:
>From:   192.168.1.*     no
>From:   65.170.187.*    no
>From:   65.170.190.*    no
>From:   208.29.17.*     no
>To:     default         no
>Is that stupid or what? I am guessing I was trying to keep my own IP's from
>being checked.

So you have a ruleset that always evaluates to "no". Hmmm.... not that
useful, I have to say. What is the name of the configuration option tied to
this ruleset?

>I do see in the log where njabl, dsbl, osiru and the rest hit now and again so
>maybe they are being applied.
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