News---Re: virus from '' not blocked?

Peter Bonivart peter at UCGBOOK.COM
Thu May 29 09:09:03 IST 2003

Excuse me for being stupid in advance but I know virtually nothing about
Perl and when I installed the required modules for MailScanner I used
CPAN as recommended.

# perl -MCPAN -e shell
cpan> install SOME::MODULE

I silently ignored your patches because I didn't know how to apply them.
When I installed the modules a lot of compiling seemed to go on, should
I download source, patch it first and then compile it all manually? Or
can I do it afterwards? How? Do I have to reinstall anything?

Maybe just one extra line of info on this page would help or is it
somewhere else?

I just learned how to spell Perl correctly. :-)

/Peter Bonivart

--Unix lovers do it in the Sun

On Wed, 2003-05-28 at 23:31, Julian Field wrote:
> I have been wading through the MIME-tools modules and its security patches
> to see why some people are catching it correctly and some aren't.
> If you are letting the filename through, you do not have the MIME-tools
> security patches applied correctly. The first patch introduces a variable
> "$BADTOKEN" into MIME/Field/ If you do *not* have "BADTOKEN"
> anywhere in, you have not applied the security patches correctly.
> Please check your Perl MIME-tools installations!
> Jules.

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