MailScanner implementation

MW Mike Weiner (5028) MWeiner at AG.COM
Wed May 28 19:53:24 IST 2003


I have recently implemented MailScanner for our production mail envirorment
as a pre-filter to our exchange server, and things are working well. I have
spamassassin/spamassmilter, razor, pyzor, and dccm running well as well as
ClamAV for the antivirus..., I want to begin my other words, I would like to change
the behavior of MailScanner somewhat, as in the following:

- inbound email hits the mailscanner box
- mailscanner processes the inbound email (i.e. razor, pyzor, dccm,
spamassassin, spammilter checks are run, as well as the av checks)
-  IF the inbound mail hits the SA limit of say 5, then rather than
rewriting the subjects and sending out the emails to the intended
recipients, I would like MailScanner to simply place this "hot" email into a
SPAMBOX, and not send out ANY emails.
- IF the inbound mail is below the SA limit of 5, then go ahead and continue
to process and send out the email, provided it didn't fail any other tests
- I would like to do the same thing with antivirus emails, remove the
offending virus into quarantine, and DO NOT mail out the email notification.
- also I would like MailScanner to hit procmail FIRST before processing its
files as normal. If it doesn't already.

Otherwise, I will have to teach people how to write filters and rules within
the Outlook exchange client, which I really don't want to do.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Weiner
Senior Systems Administrator/WebOps

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