F-PROT and disinfections

Matthew Bowman mbowman at UDCOM.COM
Wed May 28 19:24:56 IST 2003


I'm noticing that the bulk of the viruses we are catching are Lentin.F, if
I'm not mistaken, shouldn't mailscanner combined with the virus scanner
(f-prot in our case) attempt to disinfect the file and if successful
forward it on? If so it is not doing that. What I have is a quantity of
files in /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine that are disinfected and I have
to send them of manually.

I'm using MS 4.13-3 with F-Prot 3.13 Engine 3.12.10 and Defs of May 26.

Just not certain what should be happening and how it works.

Any ideas?


Regards, --

M Bowman

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