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Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed May 28 16:04:35 IST 2003

At 14:30 28/05/2003, you wrote:
>After reading the discussion on the support at microsoft trappings, I became
>curious with regards to the McAfee update. I believe we are running MS
>4.20-3 on an upgrade from previous versions as early as November. This list
>moves rather quickly so I apologize if this has been covered but what should
>be the "new" correct method for running the autoupdate? Previously we had a
>cron job running daily that would call
>/usr/lib/MailScanner/mcafee-autoupdate , however like Remco Barendse our dat
>files had not been updated since May 7th.

There is a cron job created by the RPM installation that calls
"update_virus_scanners", which will update all the virus scanners you have
installed, not just one of them. If you only use McAfee, then you can quite
happily continue just calling mcafee-autoupdate as it will have the same
Julian Field
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