virus from '' not blocked?

Steffan Henke henker at SHCOM.US
Tue May 27 23:20:43 IST 2003

On Tue, 27 May 2003, Craig Pratt wrote:

> OK - I'm a bit confused too - since it *is* supposed to be Palyh that
> sends messages from support at with subjects "Screensaver",
> "Re: My application", & "Re: Movie" and attachments "your_details.pif",
> "password.pif", & "screen_doc.pif".


I ended up by blocking support at in /etc/mail/access in
general since I don't think anybody at Microsoft is going to pick up mail
at that address nor does Microsoft send out email as
support at (afaik, that is...). I had a similar issue with
virii sent out by marketing at or similar, so I ended up
blocking that one as well, similar to the big at issue.
That way, the mails don't even get through and MailScanner isn't involved.



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