Adding other spam scanners

Peter Bonivart peter at UCGBOOK.COM
Tue May 27 19:45:20 IST 2003

Have you checked out DCC?

When I checked out Razor, Pyzor and DCC, DCC looked best to me because
it only needs one port open in the firewall (UDP/6277) and only sends
one packet and receives one. I might be wrong but I think the others
need both more ports open and more packets flowing. I went for only DCC.

Easy to install too.

/Peter Bonivart

--Unix lovers do it in the Sun

On Tue, 2003-05-27 at 20:35, James Pifer wrote:
> /Peter Bonivart
> >
> > --Unix lovers do it in the Sun

> Awesome. That worked thanks. I have both pyzor and razor working now.
> Hopefully that takes care of more of the spam.
> James
> On Tue, 2003-05-27 at 14:09, Peter Bonivart wrote:
> > Try this:
> >
> > spamassassin -t -D < sample-spam.txt > /tmp/sa.txt 2>&1
> >
> > Look in your source directory for SA, sample-spam.txt should be there.
> > Then check sa.txt, it will show everything SA does and score so far and
> > if something has problem getting through the firewall.
> >
> > /Peter Bonivart
> >
> > --Unix lovers do it in the Sun
> >

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