cannot create /tmp/SophosBusy.lock

Soeren Gerlach so-mlist-alias at
Tue May 27 13:25:24 IST 2003

I ran into exactly the same problem some month ago, it WAS a permissioning
problem. Check the user mailscanner is running at and double check the
permission. It's possible you setup MS as root and are running MS as
another user (I did so). Check if there's already a file
/tmp/SophosBusy.lock with permission MS cannot write to. Finally su into
the MS user and try to create or touch the file.

Soeren Gerlach

> I run the latest debian unstable packaged version of mailscanner
> (3.27.1-1) with Sophos. From time to time I get this message (probably
> when the Sophos update script is triggered):
> "Cannot create /tmp/SophosBusy.lock Permission denied at
> /usr/share/mailscanner/ 64"
> I checked the permissions on /tmp and they seem alright to me.
> What could be the cause of this?
> Willem
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