queue times (slightly OT)

Martin Hepworth maxsec at TOTALISE.CO.UK
Tue May 27 10:02:49 IST 2003

Kevin Anderson wrote:
> HI gurus!
> Due to a management decision I have put in place a bounce message, of
> course now there is on average since 1 week a total of 800 messages
> constantly trying to be sent, my question is to take the load off the
> server to change the queue from @15 to say 30 or even 60 min??  Or is
> there a way to just drop the mail from queue once it has been deferred...
> thanks,
> kevin
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I find the bounce message totally useless as most of the bounced (99%)
go to bad email addresses due to spam etc...

just a suggestion, but perhaps you might mention this to the PHB's..


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