A clue for SA timeouts

Francesco Rotondo f.rotondo at TESEO.IT
Fri May 23 09:16:28 IST 2003

Hi all,

looking to SA configuration options I've found one which may be
interesting in debugging timeouts:

# If you set this value, SpamAssassin will try to create logfiles for
each message it pro-
# cesses and dump information on how fast it ran, and in which parts of
the code the time
# was spent.  The files will be named: "unixdate_messageid" (i.e
# 1023257504_chuvn31gdu at 4ax.com)
# Make sure  SA can write the log file; if you're not sure what
permissions are needed,
# chmod the log directory to 1777, and adjust later.
# timelog_path /path/to/dir          (default: NULL)

I hope this could be useful.


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