SpamAssasin not found

Don Knott dknott at AWEBCO.COM
Thu May 22 03:45:36 IST 2003

I have mailscanner installed and working fine at work. I attempted to do
the same at home but something is configured wrong. When I tell
mailscanner to use spamassassin I get this error:

May 21 22:39:51 fl-pmc-u1c4c-74 MailScanner[23581]: MailScanner E-Mail
Virus Scanner version 4.20-3 starting...
May 21 22:39:51 fl-pmc-u1c4c-74 MailScanner[23581]: SpamAssassin
installation could not be found

I saw some variables in the mailscanner config related to alternate
locations for spamassassin but I couldn't get them right. What file or
program needs to be set in what variable in the config in order for
mailscanner to find spamassasin?


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