too many children processes

Brad White brad at LTINETWORKS.COM
Wed May 21 17:41:04 IST 2003

I see 10 processes, and they are all from the 4.0 binary.  It happens after a reboot, and I don't see anything in the init.d startup file that would start extra copies.

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	I guess you have more than one instance of MailScanner running...
	ps -auxw --forest
	should hint you about it (maybe an old 3.x installation?)
	If whenever you reboot, you still get more MailScanner processes than
	expected, then
	grep -i mailscanner /etc/init.d/*
	may hint you about why it is starting at boot time
	El 21 May 2003 a las 8:15, Brad White escribió:
	> I have max children set to 5, and there are 10 child MailScanner processes
	> running.  This seems to be messing up the processing of mail.  When I run
	> the /etc/init.d/Mailscanner stop script it only stops half of the
	> processes.  This is running 4.20-3, and has been for many days without any
	> problems.  No changes have been made to the system.  Where are the other 5
	> MailScanner children coming from?
	> Thanks.
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