Exim accepting non-existing local users after mailscanner install

Rasmus Bøg Hansen moffelist at AMAGERKOLLEGIET.DK
Wed May 21 15:49:36 IST 2003

Tony Finch <dot at DOTAT.AT> writes:

> =?iso-8859-1?q?Rasmus_B=F8g_Hansen?=              <moffelist at AMAGERKOLLEGIET.DK> wrote:
>>I installed mailscanner 3.27.1 some time ago - it is used along with
>>exim 3.35.
> I really recommend upgrading to version 4 of both packages.

I know - but none of them are in Debian (exim4 just hit unstable last

>>As noted in the installation guide, I added a director as the
>>uppermost director:
>>  driver =3D smartuser
>>  new_address =3D :defer: All deliveries are deferred
> You should include the statement no_verify in this director, so that
> it doesn't act as a catch-all when Exim is deciding whether an address
> is valid at SMTP time.

That part was missing in the Debian package - I will file a bug

However - you're my man. That was just the missing magic. It works now
- thanks a lot.


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