Multiple copies of incoming messages sent to users (was) Postfix problem

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed May 21 12:03:40 IST 2003

At 22:46 20/05/2003, you wrote:
>Thanks for your reply Julian,
>Actually, it's not just one particular message that's being sent to each
>user.  Any message that a user receives at any particular time will be
>sent more than once.  I'm not sure of the exact number of times a user has
>received a copy of the same message but I know it happens at least 5
>times.  The users don't receive multiple copies all at once either.  I've
>noticed this behavior over a 24 - 48 hour period.
>Please excuse my ignorance but I'm not sure what envelope addresses
>are.  Are those the "To" and "From" fields?

The "To" and "From" headers are just what someone chose to write into the
message. They are not used for mail delivery at all. The envelope addresses
are what actually count. Think of it as a real letter in an envelope. You
can put "To: Santa Claus" on the piece of paper inside the envelope if you
like. It's only the message the postman sees on the outside of the envelope
that affects its delivery. On most messages these addresses are the same,
but they don't have to be. The last action in mail delivery is for the
envelope to be opened and chucked in the bin, leaving you looking at the

Can you try the attached "" to see if it helps please?

>On Tue, 2003-05-20 at 14:34, Julian Field wrote:
>Can you pull a copy of the message out of the queue?
> > What are the envelope addresses on it?
> > How many copies get sent to each user, and over what sort of length of
> time?
> >
> > At 17:12 20/05/2003, you wrote:
> > >I'm running Postfix-1.1.11-5, MailScanner-4.21-6 and
> > >Spamassassin-2.31-16 on Redhat 8.0.
> > >
> > >I recently upgraded to MailScanner-4.21-6 after experiencing the
> > >"Batch: Found invalid queue file for message..." problem.  This was
> > >discussed in the thread titled, "MailScanner apparently stopped
> > >processing...."
> > >
> > >Prior to upgrading I was using MailScanner-4.20-3 and one of the other
> > >problems I was experiencing was multiple copies of the same message
> > >being sent to several hundred users.  I am still experiencing this
> > >problem after upgrading and I was wondering if someone could shed some
> > >light on this for me.  MailScanner is an awesome program and I'm pretty
> > >sure there is something wrong with my configuration that is causing this
> > >problem.  Would someone point me in the right direction please?  What do
> > >you need from me in order to overcome the challenge?
> > >
> > >Thanks for your help,
> > >
> > >
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