Multiple copies of incoming messages sent to users (was) Postfix problem

Alex Brown alexjrb at BELLSOUTH.NET
Tue May 20 22:46:25 IST 2003

Thanks for your reply Julian,

Actually, it's not just one particular message that's being sent to each user.  Any message that a user receives at any particular time will be sent more than once.  I'm not sure of the exact number of times a user has received a copy of the same message but I know it happens at least 5 times.  The users don't receive multiple copies all at once either.  I've noticed this behavior over a 24 - 48 hour period.

Please excuse my ignorance but I'm not sure what envelope addresses are.  Are those the "To" and "From" fields?


On Tue, 2003-05-20 at 14:34, Julian Field wrote:
Can you pull a copy of the message out of the queue?
> What are the envelope addresses on it?
> How many copies get sent to each user, and over what sort of length of time?
> At 17:12 20/05/2003, you wrote:
> >I'm running Postfix-1.1.11-5, MailScanner-4.21-6 and
> >Spamassassin-2.31-16 on Redhat 8.0.
> >
> >I recently upgraded to MailScanner-4.21-6 after experiencing the
> >"Batch: Found invalid queue file for message..." problem.  This was
> >discussed in the thread titled, "MailScanner apparently stopped
> >processing...."
> >
> >Prior to upgrading I was using MailScanner-4.20-3 and one of the other
> >problems I was experiencing was multiple copies of the same message
> >being sent to several hundred users.  I am still experiencing this
> >problem after upgrading and I was wondering if someone could shed some
> >light on this for me.  MailScanner is an awesome program and I'm pretty
> >sure there is something wrong with my configuration that is causing this
> >problem.  Would someone point me in the right direction please?  What do
> >you need from me in order to overcome the challenge?
> >
> >Thanks for your help,
> >
> >
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