More problems with Sophos SAVI

Bobbejaan van Elst Bobby at LIFE-EXTREME.COM
Tue May 20 17:59:56 IST 2003

I had the almost same problem, I had sophos 3.68 (the latest update) and he
has not detected the Palyh-A virus...

Now I'm using sophos f-prot and mcafee.. Till now I haven't any problems..

At 16:52 5/20/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>We run MS with both Sophos SAVI and McAfee UVSCAN. However I notice that
>for many days now  Sophos does not appear to finding _any_ viruses. We
>were running with SAVI 3.68 which I updated to 3.69 today but with no
>A test of "sophoswrapper" on a file containing the EICAR test virus
>shows that the new version of "sweep" is working OK.
>We are running MS 4.10-1.
>Any hints as to how I might debug the MS + Sophos setup would be
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