SPAM Reporting.....

Forrest Aldrich forrie at FORRIE.COM
Tue May 20 17:43:26 IST 2003

I'm trying to find a decent solution to help with spam reporting.   With
the myriad of tools available (all carry some degree of awkwardness in
usage), I'm wondering if someone has a better idea.

I use "ricochet" and "razor-report" with regularity.   But going through an
entire mailbox and manually submitting the messages can be tiresome - and
if you have a many users reporting spam, that becomes unrealistic.

It would be easier to have a tool that would work on an entire mailbox
(mbox or maildir) and somewhat automate the reporting... granted some
errors do occur.   I've also thought, in the case of serious problems, of
logging the spam to a mysql database, to keep track of, etc.

Anyways, I wonder if there are other approaches that perhaps I'd not


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