System load very high

Dan Leavitt dll at SCITOOLS.COM
Tue May 20 14:47:52 IST 2003

Nah, it definately wan't sendmail.   There were 150 files
in and nothing in mqueue and, when I
reluctantly stopped MS, started sendmail and moved
the files from to mqueue, sendmail delivered
all in seconds - most, if not all, were for local delivery.

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Subject: Re: System load very high

> Hi
> We had a problem whereby when the load average went very high (not
> due to  mailscanner and we don't run spamassassin yet) sendmail
> processed entries in the mail queues intermittently. Once the QueueLA
> parameter, which controls the level of Load Average at which sendmail
> stops processing, was adjusted in the sendmail config file this
> cleared the problem for us.
> Joan
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