System load very high

Paul Hamilton paul.hamilton at
Tue May 20 08:30:43 IST 2003

Welcome to the over 35 club!
Our experiences followed a similar pattern.
Ours was a combination of memory and timeout issues on RBL's
and SA.
First we set the following perameters in our MS.conf config:

Spam List Timeout = 10
Max Spam List Timeouts = 3
SpamAssassin Timeout = 40
Max SpamAssassin Timeouts = 5

This helped and didn't seem to effect the efficiency of SA, but
didn't solve the problem.
We do restart MS every 15 minutes at the moment, so any total
SA shut downs are restarted fairly quickly.

Finally as we had recently added Razor2 and DCC to SA we added
more memory and thankfully we now have a well behaving CPU.
Lucky Charms on standby!!!!

Paul H


Drat.   The system load has once again climbed sky-high - it's currently at
39!   Sendmail is refusing connections and all of my
MailScanner processes show in the run-state and near the top 6 with top.   I
get frequent SpamAssassin timeout messages and until
today was also getting InfinteMonkeys and ORD-RBL timeouts as well.  I've
removed the RBL settings from MailScanner.conf and implemented same in and they seem to work fine with no timeouts.  Can someone give
me some ideas what to look for with
this.   I've seen others in the past with similar problems but I haven't
been able to find their solutions in the FAQ or anywhere.


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> On Mon, 19 May 2003 06:41:54 -0600, you wrote:
> >Thanks to MailScanner, three .pif attachments that included Palyh-A
> >were stopped before Sophos had an updated definition!
> It is called W32/Sobig.B at mm by f-prot.
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