replacement of a mailscanner server...

Mon May 19 13:39:19 IST 2003

I have just finished replacing my main system running Mail Scanner with
another, more powerful machine. The machines were essentially both
configured the same - Red Hat, Postfix & Mail Scanner. It was just a quick
take the old one down, put the new one up, etc.

I then assigned the old machine a different IP so that it would process
any mail left in its queue.

It's up and all and can access the internal MTA it needs to reach to
deliver the 50 or so messages left in the queue, also the MailScanner and
postfix services are all up, however, the messages are not moving -- from
what I can tell the messages are not being processed by MailScanner - they
are sitting in the deferred folder of the incoming postfix.

Any thoughts how to unstick those and get them delivered?



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