Not scan some domains

Stephen Lee splee at PLEXIO.COM
Mon May 19 19:26:08 IST 2003

I have an MS4.20-3/RH7.3/Exim4.14 setup which collects mail for several
virtual domains as well as for the localdomain. I'd like most of the
domains scanned for viruses and spam except for a few of the virtual
ones. The EXAMPLES file shows how to scan _some_ domains but in my case
it would be easier to specify which domains NOT to scan. What I'd like
is something like this:

FromOrTo:    *            no
FromOrTo:    *        no
FromOrTo:    default                 yes

However, the problem with the above rules is that the catchall default
statement will end up scanning all of the domains. Is there a way to
define a rule to scan everything with the exception of the specific


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