Urgent: MailScanner apparently stopped processing...

Mark Temple templem at ABCLABS.COM
Sun May 18 21:47:33 IST 2003

Hey Julian, thanks a lot. Upgraded MS 4.21-6 , Postfix 2.0.9, Sophos, etc. All
seems to be working great.

I also got the error "...incomingworkdir does not exist..." after the upgrade.
I simply did a mkdir ... to fix the problem.

If this proves to be as good as I think it is, we will buy a support contract.
I assume you can direct me to a link for that.? ;-)

> At 19:28 17/05/2003, you wrote:
>>So is the problem fixed by upgrading MailScanner to 4.21, or do I upgrade
>> postfix to 2.0.9 (latest), or do I need to upgrade both?
> I run 2.0.7 so I think you probably don't need 2.0.9. The newest
> MailScanner should solve it. The Postfix code in MailScanner is very new, so
> it is finishing settling down.
>>Thanks for the insight and response.
>> > Here is an excerpt from the ChangeLog for 4.21:
>> >

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