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Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun May 18 12:56:16 IST 2003

Edit /usr/local/mailscanner/lib/MailScanner/ and delete the
default value it is looking for. I have already fixed this in 4.21, but I
don't think I've released it yet.

Look for a line that says this:

languagestrings /opt/MailScanner/etc/reports/en/languages.conf

and change it to this:


At 01:59 18/05/2003, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I just installed Julian's 4.20-3 version and get the following error in
>my syslog:
>        Cannot open language-strings file
>/opt/MailScanner/etc/reports/en/languages.conf, skipping
>but in my mailscanner.conf file, I have:
>        Language Strings =
> /usr/local/mailscanner/etc/reports/en/languages.conf
>which is the distribution langages.conf file.  I have tested to make
>sure it's using my mailscanner.conf file OK and it is.  I tested by
>changing the "Found to be clean" to something else and messages send do
>in fact have my new message.
>It's obvious that it's using the default and not the one I am trying to
>override it with.
>As always, kudos to Julian !!!
>Phil Butler
>butler at

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