file header analysis vs file extension

Tony Johansson tony.johansson at SVENSKAKYRKAN.SE
Fri May 16 22:46:37 IST 2003


One major sales argument for Sybaris Antigen is that it examines the file
header and not the extension.
.exe files renamed to .txt would still be scanned/dropped according to the
rule sets.

You'd haveto have something actually reading parts of every attachment (like
a virus scanner) to determine its "real" extension.

Is this at all possible with MailScanner? Any plans of implementing such a

I can imagine some company policies not allowing .mp3 files, and users
figuring out they can just rename to to .txt getting it through


ps: or they could just put it in a .zip file couldnt they? Does MailScanner
care about files inside archives? (apart from viruses that is)

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