Mail stuck in queue after update

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri May 16 16:23:21 IST 2003

At 16:08 16/05/2003, you wrote:
>I updated spamassassin to 2.54 but did not update MailScanner first.
>As a result mail was being processed from by MailScanner and put
>in mqueue.
>Then sendmail would complain about a bogus file uid/gid and not send it.
>Upgrading to the latest MailScanner fixed the problem but the mail
>accumulated during this process is still stuck in the queue (mqueue).

If the mail is in qf* and df* files, then the next time the queue is run by
sendmail it will all get sent. If they have been renamed to Qf* then you
will need to rename them back again.
Julian Field
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