spam retrieval

Ernest W. Lessenger ernest at OACYS.COM
Wed May 14 19:18:39 IST 2003

What MTA/MUA are you using? I believe there are many, many webmail programs
that will read standard mbox or maildir files. You could set procmail (or
equivalent) to do local delivery to a different mbox based on the ham/spam
content, and then rewrite the webmail app to be handle re-delivery.


At 07:08 PM 5/14/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Wondering if anyone has implemented a way for a user to retrieve his/her
>Either thru mail or thru the web.
>Basically I need a way for a user to be able to view their spam and decide
>if it really is spam if it is fine if it isnt then send it to them.

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