webmaster & postmaster mails?

Remco Barendse mailscanner at BARENDSE.TO
Wed May 14 07:46:34 IST 2003

Is there anything in MailScanner that 'protects' mail to webmaster@ and
postmaster@ ?? The linux box isn't storing any mail, it's simply
forwarding it to an Exchange server.

I have put any mails to these two addresses in the blacklist for
immediate deletion but mail still gets delivered.

The header does mention that the address is blacklisted (as it should),
which is ok. The mail does not reach the Exchange server (because it is
blacklisted???), this is ok too but.... mails pop up being delivered to
the local postmaster on the linux box.

The latter shouldn't happen as I have specified that mail for those
addresses should be deleted.

Is this a bug or feature? :)

I know that normally you wouldn't want to send mail to webmaster or
postmaster to /dev/null but I have never received even one legitimate
e-mail on those addresses in 8 years!

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