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Tue May 13 23:09:04 IST 2003

MailScanner has never got involved in complete refusal of mail delivery
to/from certain addresses. For one thing it always involves having 2
conditions in 1 line of a ruleset (ie. if from foo and to bar then do
this), which my configuration compiler isn't clever enough to cope with.
It's adaptable enough to handle 99% of its uses 99% of the time. It would
be nice if those were 100, but there are limits to the hours in a day :-)

It's also always been a thing I reckon the MTA is in a better position to
do, as refusal of SMTP connections is something it is written for and is
already very good at.

At 17:20 13/05/2003, you wrote:
>Hows that a job for the MTA. I want to make it so only certain
>users/domains can send mail to say spam at
>Thought that would be a rule in mailscanner somewhere.
>At 04:42 PM 5/13/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>>That's a job for your MTA, it's nothing to do with MailScanner.
>>At 16:15 13/05/2003, you wrote:
>>>Is there anyway to only allow mail from a certain user or domain to go to
>>>the spam/notspam users?
>>>So only 1 user can submit spam or any users form a certain domain can
>>>submit spam to be learned.
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