Encrypting Email

Eric Robibaro robibaro at ROBIBARO.COM
Tue May 13 23:02:24 IST 2003

There should be maybe an even dozen of scripts that already do this on the
sites you usually suspect for this (hotscripts.com, scriptdex... etc...)
I found this after a minute of googling, it might be what you require

You might also want to look into project anubis if you require extra
capabilities in any area including MUA as well as MTA

(my dedicated machine has one built in, but I believe that was a custom
patch off formmail, I could be wrong)
hope this helped

--On May 12, 2003 11:33 -0500 Mike Kercher <mike at CAMAROSS.NET> wrote:

> Has anyone implemented a system to encrypt emails using GPG or something
> similar at the MTA?  It'd be nice if there was an option in MS to do this
> on a per domain basis.
> Mike

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