Dealing with persistant mailers

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Tue May 13 01:56:22 IST 2003


> > A DENY in the access file for addresses that are non existent anymore
> > worked for me. I am handling mail for some domains, previously used by a
> > big ISP, i get around 40k-60k spam mails (after 1.5 year still) DAILY with
> > crap/spam/virusses ...

> Couldn't you just block the ip address in iptables?  That would discard
> the packets before they even hit sendmail.

I want to properly answer mails. I could also turn off the machine, but
thats just too simple :) And, its not just one IP address, its zillions :)
My other customers would not like that either btw, since its nopt handling
just those domains, but a couple of hundred others also ...


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