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Brad White brad at LTINETWORKS.COM
Mon May 12 21:28:56 IST 2003

I already had Sign Clean Messages = no in my MailScanner.conf file.
That appears to be the only place where it is enabled.  Is there another
location?  I have also added a ruleset to exclude the domain in question
from virus scanning.  Do entries in the whitelist ruleset completely
bypass any spam checks?





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Is there a way to have mail from a specific domain not be scanned for
spam or viruses?  I have mail being sent from a certain domain that uses
a Symantec anti-virus spam tool( I dont know what specific product yet),
and attachments from those senders get corrupted when they pass through
MailScanner.  If I have them send the same email with attachment to an
email address that does not go through MailScanner the attachment is
not-corrupted.  Im trying to troubleshoot and gather more information,
but in the meantime I would like to let that email pass through the
system unscathed.

If you don't add the clean-message signature on the end, then the
message shouldn't be rebuilt and should avoid this problem. However, in
the mean time, read up on rulesets (see /etc/MailScanner/rules and the
files in there).



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