Encrypting Email

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Mon May 12 19:19:57 IST 2003

The objective is to have forms submitted via https encrypted.  Client to client
is easy using PGP or similar on the Win desktops.


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> >I only need to do this for a few email accounts and it has
> to do with
> >HIPAA compliance.  I'm not even sure yet whether or not it will be a
> >requirement, but I want to be prepared.
> What email client do the users have? It would probably be
> fairly simple to write a rule that will check to ensure that
> the data is encrypted (look for the proper attachment/mime
> type) as it leaves. You would have to install a client on
> each machine (PGP 8.0 or Outlook), but that's probably the
> way this should be done regardless.
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