Richard Ibbotson richard at SHEFLUG.CO.UK
Sun May 11 18:44:07 IST 2003


> /var/spool/postfix/incoming is not owned by user 500 !
> Hmmmmm, user 500 is usually a 'real' (human) user.  Why is MS running as
> that?

Ah !!  I thought I was just being stupid :)  Looking under YaST2
rather than using a simple command line expression I find that...

login: richard  name: Richard  UID: 500  Groups:  users, uucp,
dialout, audio, floppy, cdrom, video, postfix, snort.

> I can't imagine that SuSE would have postfix running with uid 500.


> As a general rule of thumb you need to make sure that you specify the
> user and group that postfix run as in MailScanner.conf (Run As User and
> Run As Group),

So, put 500 and not richard ?

>make sure that the postfix user has a real home directory
> specified in /etc/passwd (if not, change it with usermod) and that that
> home directory is writable by the postfix user.

Hmmm... not sure how to do that one.

>Ensure that the
> SpamAssassin User State Dir entry in MailScanner.conf points to that
> directory.  Finally start MailScanner by su'ing to root ('su -' not just
> 'su') and doing /etc/init.d/MailScanner start


>sheflug:~ # /etc/init.d/MailScanner start
>Initializing sendmail and MailScannersendmail: invalid option -- O
>sendmail: fatal: usage: sendmail [options]

No such directory


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