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Daniel B ird dbird at SGHMS.AC.UK
Sun May 11 03:47:22 IST 2003

Ron E. wrote:

>Dear All,
>Just wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions for
>improving/tweaking SpamAssassin (2.53) settings -- I am running
>MailScanner & SpamAssassin 2.53 but still getting a fair amount of spam
>not over the default score of 5, or sometimes even with a negative score.
>I'm running a pretty busy system that handles about 15-20k messages per
>I have tried lowering the score threshold but of course then I get more
>false positives. I've seen mention that SpamAssassin 2.60 is much improved
>but I hesitate to use it at this point.
>One idea I had was enabling Vipul's Razor, but I've never used it. Any
>input would be of interest.
As mentioned in a lot of the other posts, Razor2, Pyzor and DCC help
bump up the scores (but will use more bandwidth - not sure if that'll be
an issue for you)

Additionally, there was a lot of talk recently on the SA list about
multiple forged MUA's bring down the scores and some sample rules posted
to help this situation . I believe this will be fixed, along with new
scores for the negatives in 2.54, but don't quote me on that (sorry,
can't find the original post, but if anyone is interested I'll post what
I have)

I also bump up the scores of stuff we see regularly, mostly pornography
and those little blue tabs!

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