Survey: OS, chipset, anti-virus software

Brad Patterson brad_patterson at USROBOTICS.COM
Fri May 9 15:49:42 IST 2003

On 5/9/03 5:29, "Jeff A. Earickson" <jaearick at COLBY.EDU> wrote:

> Gang,
>  Please drop me a note, telling me what operating systems,
> hardware chipsets (eg i386, alpha, ia64, mips, sparc, etc),
> and anti-virus software products you use with MailScanner.
> Please reply to me, not the list.  In my case, the answer
> would be:
> Solaris 8, sparc, Sophos
> I am building a table of what anti-virus products are available
> for various OS/chipset combinations, so Julian can include this
> information on his webpage.  The webpages for the various
> anti-virus products are not very helpful in answering the question:
> "What anti-virus products can I use with my computer?"
> I would also like to know if any anti-virus product is available
> in build-it-yourself source-code form.  Thanks.
> --- Jeff Earickson

Solaris 9, sparc, ClamAV

On our relay machine we use MailScanner 4.20-3 on Solaris 9, running on a
single processor Sun Enterprise 250 with a 400 MHz CPU and 512 MB of RAM.
We normally accept 17,000 to 20,000 emails per day with very low load.  I
used GNU tools to compile ClamAV from the source with no problems.

So far, ClamAV has caught all but one virus we have encountered, and our
Norton AntiVirus on our Lotus Notes server caught that.

Hope this helps.

Brad Patterson
U.S. Robotics

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