F-Prot enterprise/small business scanner & MailScanner

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed May 7 12:37:36 IST 2003


> >I've noticed in this mailgroup that there were some discussions about pros
> >and cons using scanning deamons and I know that MailScanner uses currently
> >the on demand scanner because it can gain full controll in respect to used
> >resources of the scanning process. So I'd like to ask what the current
> >status of this discussion is daemon vs. on demand - and: Does MailScanner
> >support both falvours of the F-Prot scanners?

> Not at the moment, no. You want the command-line scanner, so the cheaper
> Small Business edition is what you want.

F-prot will change the pricing scheme i heard, they could not tell what
exactly will change but something will come up in the near feature their
sales guys told us.


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