OT Regarding SA rpm vs compile with MS

David While David.While at UCE.AC.UK
Wed May 7 11:59:47 IST 2003

I have used the RPMs of SA without any problem. I just recently upgraded
to SA 2.53 using the RPMs.

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        Subject:        OT Regarding SA rpm vs compile with MS

First and last big thanks to Julian for a superb produkt  :)

I know there been discussion not to use the rpm of SA with mailscanner.
Since Im not a great unix admin im just wondered if this has to do with ms
config files or that SA change where the rpm will be installed. It wont be
big prob to compile SA but Im worried how to upgrade it if I cant use rpm?
Ive tried csv once and broke the hole comp so Im a little worried since
is production servers!

Any hints or future solutions for the possibillity to use the rpm instead?

Kind regards


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