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Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed May 7 09:06:32 IST 2003

At 02:50 07/05/2003, you wrote:
>I have a couple of patches that I find useful;
>1) During my last 4 or so updates of MailScanner, MS has been
>automatically restarted by the cron script, while I was upgrading
>config files etc, which is kind of unwanted.
>The patch below makes the cron script look for the lock file to see if
>MailScanner has been stopped by the rc script. (same problem would
>occur in runlevels where MS should not run)

I have implemented it rather differently, so it uses the presence of a file
to stop MailScanner, rather than the absence of one. It you rely on the
absence of a file, but the directory you wanted to store it in never
existed, then MailScanner would never restart itself.

>2) I start my sendmail processes separately (I got four; in, out,
>slow, list), so I don't want MS to start or stop them.
>(I also find if useful to be able to stop MailScanner *only* and still
>accept mail)
>The patch below adds a config variable in sysconfig/MailScanner which
>controls whether MS should control the mail daemons. Should work on
>the other mailers, too, haven't checked.

I'll think about adding that one.
Julian Field
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