my mail server is drowning

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Tue May 6 21:31:25 IST 2003


> Problem: It can't keep up with the mail traffic.  We get roughly
> 25K messages a day.  I didn't really have this problem until after
> sophos 3.67 came out, it has been getting worse even with sophossavi.
> A backlog forms in in the morning and the box can't keep up
> during the day.  Right now (1:30 PM), I've got slightly more than 1000
> messages waiting on MailScanner.  My system load (uptime load)

Suggestion, move to f-prot or rav, that will ease down your CPUs.

> with no idle.  vmstat shows that the system is doing memory paging
> like crazy (pi=5K).  Iostat is not outrageous on anything, so the issue
> seems to be lack of CPU.

Yes, Sophos is known to be a CPU hogg and the last versions are even
worse. We have two customers that migrated away allready towards
competitive products.


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